T2MD - a tool to migrate Trello to Obsidian

I’ve moved from Trello to Obsidian for my personal knowledgebase, so I extended my Trello backup tool t2md to make it much easier.

tm2d creates local markdown files in a folder tree for all your Trello cards, lists and boards. It now supports a single-file-per-card, alphabetical ordering, replacing card URL links with local file links and showing attachment previews. Checklists and comments are included. With the new changes I’ve migrated 3,738 cards/attachments into my vault.

Check it out here: GitHub - GSGBen/t2md: Back up Trello to markdown folders on disk, fast.

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Thank you for sharing! This fills a (non-Obsidian) work need for me. I somehow didn’t find t2md before when searching for ways to backup/export from Trello.

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