System/ RAM requirements for Obsidian

I was running obsidian on my laptop with Intel i3 processor and 4 GB RAM but was experiencing frequent hanging of system and not able to run any other program, not even chrome, is there a minimum system requirement for this, is it listed somewhere?

I’m not aware of any technical requirements but it would depend a lot on how many notes you have and how long they are. Right now Obsidian isn’t designed for low-spec computers and our optimizations tend to favor consuming more CPU/RAM to improve the app’s experience, which may not work as great especially if you have low RAM that may cause swapping to happen frequently.

According to an answer from a couple of years ago, it seems to be a pretty low requirement:

Again this would all depend on whether you have 10 notes, or 100 or 1000, and of course your system spec. Also “i3” basically means a “low-end” processor for Intel, but over the years the performance factors differ widely (a modern i3 is likely 2-4x faster than an i3 from 2010). Given you only have 4GB of RAM I would assume your laptop is quite old.

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It may help to disable the Graph View plugin and stick to only notes if your machine is having trouble!

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