Syntax highlighting not working for 'gcode'

It sounds like obsidian used prismjs for code block syntax highlighting? According to Prism, gcode is a supported language. But using that in obsidian doesn’t do anything special:

Looks like gcode support was added to prismjs in 2018 (request: gcode highlighting · Issue #1571 · PrismJS/prism · GitHub) - I doubt the version obsidian is using is that old?

For bug reports, please test it in the Sandbox vault with default theme, and no plugins. I’ve moved this to Help.

It’s working for me in the default theme. I just grabbed some random example on the internet since your code is a screenshot. Can you test with default theme? And if it still doesn’t work, post the results of the “Show debug info” command.

M83 ; switch
G17 G20 G90 G94 G54
G0 Z0.25
X-0.5 Y0.
G01 Z0. F5.
G02 X0. Y0.5 I0.5 J0. F2.5
X0.5 Y0. I0. J-0.5
X0. Y-0.5 I-0.5 J0.
X-0.5 Y0. I0. J0.5
G01 Z0.1 F5.
G00 X0. Y0. Z0.25