Syntax-highlighting in Edit mode

Currently, code blocks only have syntax highlighting in preview mode. Can this come to edit mode as well, please?


That might be part of the future WYSIWYG editor work.


Would love to see that as I work a lot in edit mode. :+1:t2:

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Yes but with WYSIWYG I would assume there’s no edit mode and thing are as they should be then…

You can still have syntax highlight in editing mode with WYSIWYG. Zettlr for instance does that well:

It simply colours the words inside the code block differently to get syntax highlight while editing.

(For what it’s worth, Zettlr also uses code-mirror so this feature should be possible with Obsidian too.)


+1 for this, I never touch preview and want this bad.


Syntax highlighting for code blocks in edit mode would be tremendously useful…


Heavy +1 for this


Typora has one of the absolute best editing w/ syntax highlighting experiences for Markdown. I just wish it had multi-cursors and regex replace like VSCode. Obsidian would blow it out of the water if it had all of the above!

+1 For this as well. In the past, I built my own notes editor using with custom syntax highlighting for markdown and (specific languages) code blocks. Obviously not a simple solution here as Obsidian doesn’t rely on Ace, but certainly seems like its possible.

The idea of Typora being blown out of the water is :sob:

will be implemented in 0.13.6

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