Syntax highlighting for sh code blocks disappears in Reading View

Steps to reproduce

  1. Create new Vault
  2. Enter the following code
echo hello
  1. Notice that echo is highlighted yellow
  2. Switch to reading view
  3. Yellow highlight disappears

Did you follow the troubleshooting guide? Y

Expected result

Syntax highlighting to remain.

Actual result

Syntax highlighting disappears.


	Obsidian version: v1.5.3
	Installer version: v1.5.3
	Operating system: #1 SMP PREEMPT_DYNAMIC Thu, 01 Feb 2024 10:30:35 +0000 6.7.3-arch1-1
	Login status: logged in
	Catalyst license: none
	Insider build toggle: off
	Live preview: on
	Base theme: adapt to system
	Community theme: none
	Snippets enabled: 0
	Restricted mode: on


Additional information

It works as expected with bash.

Source Mode

Reading View

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yes, the parsers between the views are different and the their support is different.

I am sure there are other cases like this. Hopefully one day we can use one parser for both views.

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The reason I found this was actually trying to use the Execute Code with sh, and I suspect this issue in Obsidian is the root cause.

The original issue

Shell code works with bash but not sh · Issue #331 · twibiralobsidian/execute-code