Syntax highlighting for code blocks in Edit mode works, but not as intended

Syntax highlighting for code blocks in Edit mode works, but not as intended. I have the Atom theme installed and in Edit mode the theme is not applied to my code blocks. Instead I get the most obnoxious ‘theme’ ever.

The Atom theme is only applied to Read mode.

I also noticed that the theme I’m only seeing in the Edit mode, is the one used by the default theme.
I think this might have to do with some CSS rules that are absent in the Atom theme.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Demo screenshots:

Edit mode

Read mode

I also noticed that some other random theme, like Minimal, does not show the built-in syntax highlighting theme, so my theory could be correct.

Edit mode

Read mode

This post might have to do with this problem.

Have a look through this one as well:

I don’t think that post has anything to do with my problem. Thanks anyway.

I fixed the problem by reinstalling the theme, in my case the Atom theme :tada:
I’ve been having this issue for so long… I’m finally able to read code snippets without losing my mind over the ‘beautiful’ default color set :laughing:

Edit mode

Reading mode

Yes different issues but highlights the use of two different PS tools and themes for the different display modes.

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