Syntax highlight is different from editor and preview

Things I have tried

I’ve Googled a lot and read related topics:

What I’m trying to do

I just wanna the code highlight would looks like:


However, that’s my case:

The first thing is defclass not being highlighted the right way in preview mode.

And secondly, I was wondering how to change the background color to light?

I did try to click:

And copy the css to ~/Library/Mobile Documents/iCloud~md~obsidian/Documents/techs/.obsidian/snippets/prevew_md.css

@pvd I have some good news! At least that is how I interpreted it. There was some talk of this issue on Discord that sounded very promising:

Murf: But it sounds like you are saying the token classes are there that we could custom style ourselves anyways to try and match ourselves if we need to?

Licat: Yes I just need to match the tokens better

I am guessing that more and more of the syntax highlighting will show in Live Preview as versions progress, which will be awesome!

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