Syncing with Owncloud on iPad (again)

I use Obsidian on PC storing files on personal Owncloud.
I read all the topics here about syncing on my iPad on anything different than iCloud, and all I found are bizantine solutions or 3rd party plugins.
AFAIK the official statement is that iOS permission don’t allow using the Owncloud file system that I see in the Files application.
If this was true I can’t understand why I can browse Owncloud file system with other apps and open files from there.
I also read a thread where someone was able to browse a Onedrive file system and only after files were “primed” Obsidian was able to see them.
In my case I keep an offline copy on iOS of all the directories with Obsidian files, but still the app only offers me to create a new vault, no way to open an existing dir. This while I can open the md files with other apps.
Is this a forced limitation in the app or there is something obvious I’m missing?

Yes I read that. This is the self imposed limit (lack of using apis to open several files).
Git is the bizantine solution I was referring to.
I hoped there was something more up to date but I understand this can’t be a priority.

I use Dropbox and a cron job to rclone bisync every few minutes to the iCloud Obsidian “sandboxed” folders.

I am religious with offline backups (I use restic with rclone/onedrive back end) and as a rule I never use 2 clients at the same time. Has worked for me, but to be honest most of my interaction with Obsidian is desktop, either Linux or Mac OS.

I tend to use iOS more as a “read-only” client. Also, the iCloud sync itself between my Mac and iCloud server isn’t the fastest. The files are small, so that’s not the issue, the issue is the frequency on which iCloud updates all devices connected to it.

Here’s my crontab line:

*/2 * *	* * rclone bisync --verbose ~/Dropbox/Notes/ '/Users/eric/Library/Mobile Documents/iCloud~md~obsidian/Documents/Notes/' >> ~/tmp/log/rclone.log 2>&1

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