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Hi, I use Icloud to host my vaults. It works fine. However, I want to work on my vault on my Ipad. I did subscribe to Obsidian Sync. Is ther a problem if I use Obsidian Sync for my Ipad while my vault sits on Icloud?

Yes, it will cause problems. See →

You can sync vaults using iCloud and you can sync vaults using Obsidian Sync to the same phone, iPad, etc., but you don’t want to sync the same vault using both services.

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Thanks. But can I use the Obsidian app for Ipad using my vault on Icloud? When I want to get acces to my vault using my Ipad with the Obsidian app, the app does not give me the option to get to my Icloud vault

The initial setup isn’t very iPadOSey (not a word).

iCloud synced vaults go in iCloud Drive/Obsidian
Local-only vaults, Obsidian Sync vaults, etc., go in On My iPad/Obsidian

Just to get setup, I’d create a local test vault (Create new vault → give it a name → don’t store it in iCloud → Create). Once that vault opens and you’re in it, open the vault picker (same icon for iPad as on desktop Obsidian in the left sidebar ribbon), and your iCloud vault(s) should be at the top of the list with the local test one you just created below.

If your iCloud vault is in the list, success! Just tap it. If not, you’ll have to figure out why it’s not there by checking your iCloud Drive settings, using the Files app, etc. If intact vaults are in iCloud Drive/Obsidian, they will just show up in this list.

Is there a way to transfer all my plugins configuration from one vault to another? Thaniks

Yes, you can copy your .obsidian folder from one vault to another, but I feel we are getting away from your original question.

How’s the iPad sync going?

It’s not going well. I did something wrong and it still does not work. I have been using Obsidian for over 2 years now, I pay for the Obsidian sync service, and i cannot sync my vault correctly. The only way I have some kind of syncing, is by using Icloud, but I cannot sync it with my Icloud. I invested so much time in my vault, I don’t want to spoil it by trying something that would not work.

I can’t see my .obsidian folder in my vault. Is it normal?

On iOS/iPadOS, the .obsidian folder is invisible in the Files app (there are other apps that can view it; search the forum). You can view and copy it from iCloud Drive/VAULTNAME/Obsidian on the desktop.

As you pay for Obsidian Sync, I would consider transitioning my main vault (on every device that uses it) from iCloud → Obsidian Sync.

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