Syncing with Dropbox

This is a follow-up to my post from a few weeks, go, New user struggling with Dropbox sync

I have each .obsidian folder set to a non-standard name, like so:

I use Dropbox and Dropsync on my Android devices, and just Dropbox on my Windows devices.

I always (if I remember, so… almost always) manually sync my Android devices before I open a file in Obsidian, and after I close the final file. I also have DropSync set to synchronize once per hour, including files that start with a period (.).

The Windows machines sync reliably on their own.

I mainly use my Android tablet, a Boox Tab Ultra (B&W) for Obsidian, but once in a while I type something on a different device. So far, knock on wood, I only caused a sync error one time, because I left a file open on my Boox and did not manually sync it when I put it down. It was inconvenient, but not a disaster.

So, knock on wood, I think my sync issues are as resolved as they are likely to be. I am happy. :slightly_smiling_face: