Syncing videos across devices does not work

Syncing videos does not work.

Steps to reproduce

  1. On device A, add video to a folder and link to a note
  2. Enable sync videos under settings
  3. Reload Obsidian app on mobile or another device B
  4. View note with linked video

Expected result

Video should appear

Actual result

“video name” is not created yet. Click to create.



Did you enable “sync videos” on both devices?

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I have the exact same problem with sync of video’s. Video sync (and all other type of files) is enabled on both phone and computer. Even tried to disable on phone and computer, restart, enable and then restart. Still didn’t work unfortunately :frowning:

Mobile: Andriod
Computer: Windows 10 Home
Vault size mobile: ~3.1 gb
Vault size computer: ~1.5 gb

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Additional info:
There are 6 video files that I think account for the difference in size of both versions of the vault.
Other ideas have synced before but somehow no videos will sync since a couple of days. Just now tested it with a small videa file of 56.8 MB

File size limit is 100 MB.

Have you ever successfully synced a video across before?

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