Syncing Vault with Mountain Duck

I’ve been using an Obsidian vault stored on a device that’s connected with Mountain Duck. I’ve also been getting a lot of errors with syncing.

Usually, the issue occurs on my Windows 10 computer (which is what I make the most edits on). I got it all the time in one of the older 0.8.x versions, but when the cache got moved, that fixed most of the problems although not all of them.

It runs into errors mainly on the workspace file, attached images, and the markdown files themselves.

My setup is a little complicated. I mainly work on a Windows 10 computer, the files are synced to an Ubuntu server (which never edits the files), and I sometimes use a Mac to edit the files.

Disconnecting from the remote file storage and reconnecting, then refreshing each file that ran into an error fixes the problem, but that’s more than frustrating.

This doesn’t happen with anything else I sync with Mountain Duck so I was just wondering if anyone else had this issue and if there was something I could do about it.

I hope you get a response to this, but I haven’t seen any mention of anyone else using Mountain Duck both here on the forum and on Discord.

Could share any of the specific errors you are getting? Are you editing on your Windows PC and Mac at the same time?

I only edit on one computer at a time so that there aren’t essentially merge conflicts between files.

A use case here is that I made a new markdown file on the Windows computer, saved the file, then opened the vault on my Mac and the file wasn’t even there. I checked the Windows computer and the file had an error that didn’t make much sense in this situation, but it said “Listing directory Exam Review failed. Failure” where Exam Review is just the folder the file was in.

I was able to sync after disconnecting, reconnecting, and syncing the file I created on the Windows computer and it showed up on my Mac.

EDIT: Sorry if I wasn’t clear, but this doesn’t fix the problem. Every time I make changes on either computer I have to go through this process and manually resync every file which defeats the purpose of automatic syncing.

Are you certain this is an issue with Obsidian and not Mountain Duck? Have you requested help from Mountain Duck?

If you do believe this is an issue with Obsidian, I suggest filing a #bug-reports.