Syncing two existing, independent instances of Obsidian

Looking for best practices:

I have Obsidian on a Windows machine and another instance on Android. The two have completely different information.

Looking for best practices to sync the two.

Do I create a new instance on Android and sync windows to “new” instance and then transfer files into the “new” instance. Or … am I over thinking things?

I would for initial setup transfer the files into another folder on the desktop , and then run some file comparison tool to see whether you’ve got many files with the same name, and possibly also compare those files to each other to see if they can be merged or not.

After that you could start joining them into one vault, which I reckon is your ultimate goal, by copying files to the same folder structure. Merge the files that need that, and if you want to rename a file be sure to do that before the joining and within Obsidian so that links can be changed automatically.

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Hmm. That makes sense. Copy over the Android files into Windows, making sure that I don’t have files with the same name, and then sync Android with Windows.

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