Syncing notes with Obsidian

Hello Obsidian community,

I hope I’m posting this in the right section of the forum. I have started using Obsidian regularly and needed a solution to sync the notes between my iPhone and laptops.

I found Obsidian Sync to be interesting but pricey, so I compared:

  • Syncthing
  • iCloud
  • The Obsidian Git plugin
  • Manual synchronisation with Git
  • Obsidian Sync

I figured others might be interested in the reasons why I decided to go with Obsidian Sync as well.


Excellent. I should have shared my experiments with Sync, too. I was still drinking from the firehose, learning all the Obsidian/PKM things, and simultaneously trying, failing, and flailing at syncing.

I will point people to your writeup @thib .

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