Syncing multiple local vaults to one remote

What I’m trying to do

I’m still a little confused by the wording. When it says that multiple local vaults can be connected to one remote vault, are those multiple local vaults in one Obsidian instance (one computer) or is each one in a separate instance?

Let’s say I have two vaults on my main desktop computer: “recipes” and “todo”. Can I connect them both to a single remote vault, say “home stuff”, and have them each retain their distinct content?

You can through telling each device what folder it should exclude syncing.

Normally for your example you would have 2 remote vaults, “recipes” and “todos”. On each device you would connect the local “recipes” vault to the remote “recipes” vault and the local “todos” vault to the remote “todos” vault.

Where is the wording you’re looking at?

I never thought of doing this! That would be a handy way to make the most of the remote vault space. Can you exclude the vault folders (here “recipes” and “todos”), or do you have to exclude all the subfolders of each vault and make sure there aren’t any with the same name in both vaults?

The exclude function both does not sync from, and allow sync to, the listed folders names.

So if you want to block Recipes and have another device with Cake/Recipes and Recipes, it will block Cake/Recipes and Recipes, but also allow the contents of Cake/

I hope that makes sense?

I understand how the exclusion works generally but can we use it to refer to a vault root folder by name (since it’s usually just referred to as / in Obsidian)? Your tip suggests “yes” but that surprised me.

Ah! Let me clarify then for future searching.

Can you block root vault by /? No. :frowning: That would be awesome, but sadly not.
Can you block root vault by the folder name of that root vault? No, because it’s looking from an absolute link perspective. Putting in a vault name of test will look in /test
Can you block a root level folder? Yes. To test, block the folder Peaches on Device A, and then create it on root level on Device B. Device A will receive it on the remote vault, but will not add it to device A’s device.

OK, thanks! That makes sense. OP’s question was about whole vaults.

Ah, I misunderstood then.

The funny thing is it lets you select / but ignores it. I’ll check if it’s a bug or intended, because being able to exclude / would make one way syncing easier.

If we were able select / it would prevent outbound sync too, I think, so we’d have to be able to specify root by name (I think — it seems not complicated but working thru it is making me dizzy :sweat_smile:).

Currently it seems like we could accomplish it by selecting all the root-level folders, avoiding storing files in root, and making sure all root-level folder names are unique across vaults. Which is a a bit of a minefield but I kind of want to try it (tho I don’t really have a use for it).

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