Synchronous Version Of File System

I am trying to understand how to access the file system synchronously, all the methods which exists on app.vault.adapter are async, and all the methods on app.vault are sync like i need but they don’t give full access to the file system, only to the unhidden folders (files not prefixed with .)
i need to aceess the .obsidian folder to update my plugin, which i can do from app.vault.adapter, but i need to do it synchronously which doesnt exists there.
what are my options ?

What do you mean by:

to update my plugin

Obsidian already has a built-in update mechanism, you should not write your own.
Or do you mean something else by that?

i need to manage files inside my plugin directory based on the actions of the user in Obsidian, cant rely on any existing solution, i just need to access this folder synchronously.