Synchronizing tags and properties

Is there a way to synchronize tags and properties? Here’s my use case:

  1. I have geo data for my project files stored as YAML under the Location property.

  2. I use the Type property to distinguish the stage my project is in (Opportunity => Estimate => Job => Archive)

  3. Both map plugins for Obsidian (Map View and Obsidian Leaflet) only use tags for filtering, not properties.

  4. To show my files as pins with different colors/icons/shapes I have to replicate data already stored as properties.

  5. I would like to synchronize a tag for the plugins to pick up with the current value of the Type property. Is there a way to do this? Perhaps with Linter? Ideally, this would be automated on file change. With the recent shift towards properties I’m surprised there isn’t some sort of tool for this kind of conversion/replication.

The MetaData Menu plugin has a way of mapping a tag to a file class – but that’s just the other way around.

This could be done with Templater which has some sort of event hook if I’m not mistaken. So it would be possible to create temporary tags for the duration of queries etc. and remove them again.
If the automatic handling of this is problematic, one could add a hotkey for creating the tags, which of course can be kept on board in YAML as well.

A (somewhat) relevant Templater snippet was talked about here.