Synchronization problems with iCloud Drive under Windows 10

Problem. When editing notes in Obsidian, my iCloud Drive seems to be/becomes active in the background in that unwanted form that (i) it changes to the note from the last few seconds are rolled back and (ii) a Markdown file of the same name is created with the suffix “… (1).md”. If I write longer on a note, versions up to “…(5).md” are created within a few hours. The problem is not reproducible. The problem has been occurring for about four weeks.

Experimental Setup.

  • Windows 10
  • Obsidian v.0.13.10 (but also occurred with earlier versions of the 0.13 series)
  • iCloud Drive

Other observations. If I write notes on my iPad, the problem does not occur. When I think back several weeks (> 8) ago, I never had problems with the sync via iCloud Drive.

Things I tried so far. I have reinstalled iCloud Drive on my Windows machine and updated Obsidian regularly - so far without success.

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Did you try deleting your vault on your Windows machine or on your iPad and re-start the sync from scratch to remove any possible duplicates ?

I had the same problem with the iCloud sync. I managed to solve it by uninstalling the Microsoft store version of iCloud app… instead I installed a desktop iCloud app. It’s been working great so far, no duplicates are appearing.

I am also experiencing this issue and just tried to change the icloud install. Will see if this works for me as well.

I am currently testing the proposal of @erik1131 - so far, it seems to help! Thank you!

I‘ll mark your answer as a „solution“, when the problem is really solved.

As an update: it worked for me one day later.

Hi. Erik, Are your files syncing to iCloud on this win7/8 version?

Although files are downloading perfectly … any changes I made afterwards can’t be seen in iCloud web at all?


Hi jlll, yes my files are synching fine, everything is stored on my iCloud. Be sure after you sign in to your iCloud website to open iCloud Drive, there search for Obsidian folder and within it you should have all your files. At least this is how it works for me.

Like after 1 or 2 days, the major issue like duplication files is sorted and syncing works much better than win10 version iCloud :hugs:

But still see some folders with jpg file in UNIX file ?? created in the iCloud root Folder
Guess Notion pages in a table has something to do with it in converting.

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