Sync with a Twitter feed

I’ve seen some requests for the ability to pull in your Twitter tweets. Likewise, I went looking for a way to keep a copy of my tweets in Obsidian, and found that now I’ve moved my Vault to iCloud (eh, long story), the options for programmatically updating it on a trigger from Twitter are limited. That’s when I realised Obsidian itself might be best placed to run some code to pull in tweets.

Long story short, I came across the very impressive obsidian-tweet-to-markdown by @kbravh and figured they were some serious shoulders to stand on. And voila - I’ve created a fork that adds the ability to specify timelines on Twitter you want to keep a copy of in Obsidian.

The additions are super early stage (see here for known issues), but it’s working a treat for my initial use case. I find myself immediately going to Obsidian to look up some tweet, rather than bothering with the Twitter website, and it’s a delight to work with the data within Obsidian.

If this is something you might use, then by all means give it a go and let me know where you get stuck or it breaks. Maybe if there’s enough interest it could be polished up a little for a wider audience.