Sync tab

What I’m trying to do

I got into the habit of keeping the same note open in 3 synchronized windows.
In the first one I show the source code in editor mode, in the second one the editor mode without source code, in the third one I use the view mode.

The problem is that when I reopen the vault both first tabs show the editor but the first one does not show the source code.
How do I store to show the source in the first tab?

I would also like the lines to be aligned in the three windows. Currently they take up as little space as possible instead.

When I create a new note it is put in a new tab, which is obviously not synchronized with the other windows. I would like it to replace the one already open, or at least to automatically create other views that are synchronized in the other windows.

There is a setting denoting which mode files are opened in. That might have an effect on your issue.

Regarding alignment I just answered another post trying to illustrate how Obsidian uses the topmost line for alignment, and what comes after will come in the place it needs to be due to the elements visual appearance in that mode.

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