Sync subscription: then what?

Things I have tried

I subscribed to Sync and thought I may have been directed to some information about the Sync service but nothing seems to happen once you pay. There was no advice on how to activate it and I have searched help and these forums, and whilst there are many posts on sync and help topics on mobile sync, I cannot find anything on setting up Obsidian sync in the first place.

What I’m trying to do

I want to utilise my subscription with the Sync service, and would greatly appreciate some advice on how to set it up on two Macs. The first Mac has the vault in iCloud so I guess that is the syncing source for Obsidian sync?


I encourage you to not use Icloud and obsidian sync at the same time unless you know what you are doing.

Thank you for directing me to the help. I’ve followed the instructions for Setting Up Remote Vaults (created a new vault with E2E encryption and have connected to it).

Having exited Settings my older vault (on iCloud) is still open and there is no sign of the new one.

On clicking Open Another Vault, my choices are: the one that is already open and Obsidian Help. The new vault I have created is not there.

Please, how do I open the newly created Obsidian Sync vault?

I am very confused. Is it possible that you enabled sync on your current icloud vault?!?

You have to create a new local vault and then connect that to a remote vault.

Yes I created a new vault with a different name.

In Settings/Plug in options/Sync under Pick Remote Vault the new vault is shown as currently connected. But how do I open it?

You are not understanding how this works.

You didn’t create a new vault. You connected vault you have open to that remote vault.

No, sorry, I was clearly not understanding. May I please relay back what I think you are indicating:

The vault I thought I created in accordance with the Help instructions is a ‘remote vault’ (say called Vault 2) and it is connected to the vault I had open in Obsidian at the time which had a different name (let’s say Vault 1).

If therefore Vault 1 is now syncing to the remote Vault 2, how do I open Vault 1 on another computer? It is not offered as a choice when I select open another vault on the other computer.


First I suggest you have a backup.

In the other computer:

  1. Create a new (empty) vault (I would suggest not in Icloud)
  2. Enable the sync plugins
  3. Connect the empty vault to the remote vault.
  4. (Optionally) choose the sync parameters

The sync process will now begin downloading your files.

Thank you, that worked!

I will now investigate how to sync the settings.

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