Sync settings issues

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What I’m trying to do

Sync all settings on two mac computers (one always on mac mini and one macbook), two iPads, and one iPhone.

Things I have tried

I’ve searched for anything obsidian sync related and haven’t found anything that addresses the issues that seem to come up regarding settings syncing (maybe I’m just bad at looking). I’ve tried quitting obsidian on each device, rebooting all of my devices, and toggling the sync settings on and off. I would just like to keep my settings in sync across all devices. This is the primary reason I’m using Obsidian sync rather than storing my vault in an icloud folder. Sometimes it seems like settings will sync, but oftentimes they don’t, so anytime I make a change I end up needing to go to every device and ensure that the settings have been updated there which kind of defeats the purpose. I hope there is just something that I’m doing wrong as opposed to this being an actual bug!

The sync settings are per device. You need to make sure that every device is configured properly.

I have all of the sync settings toggled on for each device. The area I notice the majority of the issues is plugin settings. It seems to be a problem for both community plugins as well as core plugins

Plugins settings do sync. But you need to close and reopen obsidian for them to be applied. If go into the setting again before this happens you overwrite the old configuration.

This will be improved in a future version of obsidian.

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Thanks for the clarification and look forward to that update! I’ve actually ran into it a few times where the settings did not sync even after closing and re-opening obsidian on both platforms. I’ll try to keep an eye out for it to see if I can duplicate this.

In addition to what WhiteNoise said,

Two things to keep in mind as you are using two desktops (a macbook, but…) and two mobile devices:

  • Not all plugins work will work on mobile devices.
  • The workspace settings: tabs/tabs groups open, tab history, ribbon icon arrangement, and recent files (more?) aren’t synced between desktop and mobile devices. Desktop ↔ desktop will sync. Mobile ↔ mobile should sync as well, but as the UI is different between iPad and phone, in practice not many of the workspace settings translate between iPad and phone (for me anyway). YMMV.

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