Sync settings between computers

Syncing content between two computers is as easy as putting the Vaults on Dropbox. But what about syncing Obsidian’s application settings, templates etc between two or more computers? Is that possible?

when you sync the vault you also sync the vault’s specific settings.


Indeed, that’s the reason why the uploads to OneDrive are so frequents.
Cache files are also updated there

the cache has been moved out of the vault recently to avoid conflicts.

So settings, templates etc are vault specific, not computer/installation specific?

Indeed. You can give every vault another CSS if you want.

I see that’s new in 0.8.13
Better for Sync also
Where is the cache now?

I don’t know on Windows, but on MacOS, ~/Library/Application Support/obsidian/

On Windows AppData\Roaming\obsidian\ObsidianCache

There is a json file per vault named with a UUID.

So is it possible to sync this by sym linking for instance? I can try, but if anyone knows would love to hear.