Sync set file back to old version instead of merging

I am using the Obsidian sync to work on several devices. Yesterday I invested an hour of work adding details to an important note on my iPad while traveling without internet connection. Today, when I opened the note on the same device, this time being connected to the internet, I could briefly see my changes and then all changes were gone. This is from the sync log:

2022-03-08 10:02 - Merging conflicted file aktuelle Projekte/Herholz und
2022-03-08 10:02 - Merge successful aktuelle Projekte/Herholz und
2022-03-08 10:02 - Accepted aktuelle Projekte/Herholz und

The vault is stored on my laptop. I had not worked on the laptop in the meantime, which was in sleep mode with Obsidian running.
Luckily I have most information on various handwritten notes. But now I have to invest the time again to recover everything and to remember all conclusions I had drawn from the information.

Writing this a little bit annoyed,

iPad: Obsidian 1.1.0 (38), API v0.13.24 on iOS 15.3.1
Laptop: Obsidian v0.13…23, Installer Version v0.11.13 on Mac OS 12.2.1

Looking at the sync logs, you did change the file in both your devices, either willing or unwillinging (windows wakes up and syncs).
Merge doesn’t restore old version, it merges the changes. I am not really sure what happened here.

You should be able to use Sync History and/or File Recovery Plugin to recover your work.

Thanks for your support! Sync history didn’t show yesterday’s log any longer, but file recovery from the backup did the job.

I didn’t work on the laptop in between the changes I made on the iPad and the loss of the changes I had made in sync. The laptop was in sleep mode the entire time and Obsidian was probably open (I rarely close it on the laptop). NO clue what has happened there.

For future reference, you can access the sync version per file here:

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