Sync service not syncing appearance or plugins

What I’m trying to do

Hello everyone, I recently began using obsidian in a Dropbox folder so I could keep notes on both my Mac and PC. I loved it so much that I signed up for sync to have access on iOS. Before connecting my vault to sync, I moved it out of Dropbox and to a local Mac folder to avoid sync issues. My notes are now syncing to my iPhone, but the appearance of my vault, plugins, and settings are not.

Things I have tried

I have checked the boxes on both devices in the sync settings for things I want to carry over, then restarted all devices. Every time I open the iOS app, the appearance, settings, and plugins are the same. Is the only option to manually install/enable each one on both devices? Is there a way to actually get these settings to sync?

As a quick follow up, it now appears that the sync for settings and plugins has worked after some time passing. However, it looks like my Mac adopted the settings/plugins in my iOS app, rather than the other way around. The appearance still does not seem to be syncing though.