Sync Scrivener to External Folder In Obsidian - Obsidian menu files names are not showing

Hello, I am trying to sync Scrivener with Obsidian via Scrivener sync to a folder In obsidian. syn works, but once in Obsidian, the Scrivener folder shows no items visible.

what am I missing?
I appreciate your help, I am a newbie to Obsidian

What I’m trying to do

What format are the scrivener files in? they should have a .md extension. By default, Scrivener files are saved as .scriv files.

the files are in txt format, as scrivener can sync from either RTF and TXT files

I have never tried, but you might need to explore the “text as md” community plugin. As far as I know, by default Obsidian cannot recognize txt files.

(Also, please backup both your Scrivener files and Obsidian vaults before experimenting with these workflows.)

thank you