Sync problem between iPad overwrites Windows 10 Obsidian files


Please help, I can not find any (open) topics about this

Today notes and settings were overwritten after working on my iPad and syncing
As you can see in the sceenshot sync, it did not merge but the sync completely ingnored the data already being there.

Also some settings dissapeared. I know about this because I changed it yesterday:
I’d set new Superchared Links yesterday and after that changed the style settings for the new links but now these settings are gone


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Are you using both Sync and iCloud on your vault?

Hi, sorry for the very late response for I was emailing with Obsidian support about this but they did not respond for 5 days now.

I installed Obsidian on my iPad and iPhone and did not change anything about Sync or iCloud.
When I look at the settings for iCloud, I see that the button for Obsidian is “ON” (green). Do you mean I have to turn that off?

If this is the case, I’m a bit worried why this is set by deafault when installing Obsidian (sync) and there’s no warning at all. ( So Whenb I install on a new IoS device I have to think about turing this off, or else I have a problem…)

What I also don’t get is why is there no warning when my (local windows ) file is overwritten without any warning.

Obsidian is on Windows and this and the 2 IoS devices are syncing with the remote vault.



Following up your suggestion I disabled iCoud for Obsidian , but the same problem occurs

To reproduce

  1. iPad (Internet Connection Offline), Launch Obsidian with Daily Note added automatically. Entered some random text

  2. I start Obsidian on Windows, which also starts with the Daily Note. Entered some random text

  3. Then when I turn on the internet connection on the iPad, the note on the iPad is completely ignored and overwritten by the Obsidian Windows note.
    So no warning, there is also no “sync history” of the iPhone note, nor is there a copy (with a version number) of the note anywhere.

FYI, I disabled the internet connection to mimic the situation I was in when I discovered this issue. I had no internet connection at the time because of the location

Watch this video I recorded a few days ago to send to Obsidian Support and show what happened.
(NB. This video is from before turning off iCloud but as mentioned and tested, that has no effect.)

In this case, the note was overwritten on the Windows machine, showing it in the sync history. But since there are no warnings, you see that the note is also simply overwritten.

Help is appreciated


iCloud for Windows works badly with Obsidian, unfortunately. That may be the source of your problems. I don’t know the details, but you can search the forum.

When you install Obsidian there are no vaults, so you had to set them up. Did you choose “Setup Obsidian Sync” or “Create New Vault” (and if the latter, did you choose the option to store it iCloud)?

To check if you’re using iCloud: open files and look in iCloud Drive > Obsidian. If your vault folder is there, you’re using iCloud. If not, your vault folder should be in On my iPhone > Obsidian.

To check if you’re using Obsidian Sync: Is Settings > Core Plugins > Sync turned on? If so, does the first item in Settings > Sync say you’re currently connected to a remote vault?

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Thanks again,

I checked on Windows and I’m not using iCloud for Obsidian.

I did set-up Obsidian Sync (paid subscription) with a Remote Vault on all devices
All are connected to the same vault , see screenshot

Really appreciate your help.


See this topic:

Syncing Windows PC with iPhone and iPad with paid subscription of Obsidian Sync (not with iCloud)

No solution has been given by Obsidian Support yet so please be careful.


we are looking into this.


Ok sorry, I got confused about this bug report. This is not a bug but it’s intentional. Generally, Obsidian merges the content of notes in different devices.

There is one exception, say a note is present in device A, and you create the same note in device B. If the creation time in device B is within 5 minutes of sync time, the version of device A wins.

This special case was introduced to support people who have daily notes (with templates) open at startup.


Thanks, I can understand what you mean in relation to my “demo” but that is not the case as you can see in the earlier screenshots.

See: Sync problem between iPad overwrites Windows 10 Obsidian files

It really is not the same as the files get overwritten a few hours later


You had iclould active at the time. If you can produce a screen recording or reproducible steps of this happening outside the 5 min creation/sync window, please open a new bug report.

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