Sync Options - Read-Only - Multiple Users

is Obsidian directly sync with a shared folder using just a URL without requiring credentials for the cloud storage service.

basically i have the shared hosting server…let’s say it is godaddy or hostinger or blueshot - put all the files in a folder…

example if the domain is

java tutorial .txt or .md files placed in

Now i will give the above path in any obsidian config or any text box i want the obsidian note taking app to do the auto-sync - at regular intervals and with update option to do the sync manually to pull the changed files

a. auto-pull at specified frequency
b. update or pull button to manually pull or sync


please kindly let me know

I’m very confused as to what you want after this request. What is the use case for this kind of synchronisation?

Can your request be summed up to: How can I download stuff from a given folder/URL at regular intervals? Possibly with the variation of just download the changed files since last time.

Are you just looking for some web crawler to synchronise stuff from some given site?

I’ll share the same link we posted for you in Discord: Meta Post - Syncing between Devices
You need to do a little research yourself.

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