Sync On Command + Fully Synced Status... to avoid the grief of lost note updates!

When I pop open Obsidian on my phone to take a quick note, I’ve often found later, to my horror, that it disappeared. This especially happens if I’m adding to or updating a note.

I desperately want and request a “sync note” option to sync the current note first or only, and then a validation that the sync is complete and I’m working in the most updated version before I start writing in it.


I’m using Obsidian on my macbook air and on my google pixel 6 pro.

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can you explain a but more about what happened?

Same here, it sometimes takes ages before the Android app starts syncing. A sync button or command would be great, some way to force sync to start.
And a small indicator that shows whether you’re all synced.

isn’t the indicator in the right sidepanel if you swipe?

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