Sync Obsidian on Ipad and Window with icloud not working

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So I just installed Obsidian Mobile and been trying to make a vault that sync between my Window and Ipad and possibly my phone when I don’t have those 2 device with me

The thing I am running into is I cannot find the obsidian folder that is on my icloud on my Window PC via the icloud file or the web browser version. I can still see it in my icloud on iPad and iPhone and the 2 of them work together perfectly.

I have tried uninstalling delete the file the reinstalling Obsidian to create a new icloud vault from scratch, all result in failure for the file to appear on my PC desktop icloud.

This looks like a support request not a bug report.

I think it is a bug when every other app folder show up but not obsidian? I don’t have much knowledge when it comes to file management on icloud because i bought the subscription just for this.

I think in the help folder when I first open obsidian mobile it mention about syncing between existing vault and the vault on mobile is it not?

So I have found the solution for this.

You just need to create a dummy vault on icloud for there to be a icloud obsidian folder, then copy your vault on desktop to the main icloud folder. Then move the vault to the obsidian folder on your ios device.

Now you should be able to see your vault in Obsidian Mobile. On PC, the icloud folder still have your vault in the main folder even though it had been moved. So just open new vault on Obsidian and you will be able to sync with the mobile version

I see your solution but my obsidan just now keeps copying itself with empty files on my desktop. It has stopped my morning plans. I am also afraid of it sync’ing to the Obsidian Sync that I just bought.

I keep getting the Obsidian is indexing your vault, and a count of 0/121 now, it was like 70 and keeps increasing. I do think this is not a support issue but a bug with what they have done to fix the mobile version of icloud to get it to work, and now the windows icloud connection is broken.

Furthermore, when you give a solution for a work around, please write it for the not so tech savvy people by giving a numbered list of what you did to save your windows obsidian vault. Just a note from someone who trained in CS for IT, once upon a time.

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