Sync Obsidian note between windows and android on google drive

Things I have tried

Is there anyway to sync the obsidian note between windows and android?

I am using Windows 11. Currently, I am using rclone to mount the google drive as local volume on windows. Then, I create new vault on that mounted volume. And for my Android phone, I install RCX - Rclone for android app and wish to open that google drive folder on my android mobile. But, it failed.

The error code as below:

What I’m trying to do

What I expected to do is that I could store my obsidian note on google drive and edit the notes from both my windows laptop and android.

Or, if there is any better alternative for synchronization between laptop and android, do tell me, thanks. I would prefer if I could store it on the cloud drive also.

I don’t have rclone based solution for u, but just to cover the bases (in case u hvnt found this) there’s an example on setting up rclone on ios (not android i know, but it could be useful ref). Link here

Also, there’s a 3rd party sync plugin ( that mention it will have google drive support in future. Might want to drop a message showing your interest.

Alas, i think if phone storage isn’t an issue as much, the best way to sync Windows and android phone right now is using 3rd party android app like FolderSync or AutoSync.

You could always subscribe to Obsidian official sync and u can select any folder to sync to in Windows. Obsidian Sync

Fwiw, i use rclone on my linux pc to mount Obsidian vault (saved to OneDrive) but it has some performance (speed) issue. I now use OneDriver to mount. On Windows i use MS own OneDrive app. On my android i use FolderSync - which u could make it sync on the fly or periodically or on demand.

I use drivesync on my android to sync my Google Drive folder that I access on my laptop n desktop. I have used this for about a month without issue.

I did use obsidian sync but got into a heap of trouble when I made some minor changes to a couple of folders which resulted in my files constantly being deleted.

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