Sync obsidian note between an ipad and an an samsung android phone, using google drive

i don’t use PC (Mac and Windows), only an Ipad Pro and a Samsung android phone. Please recommend me the direction

Syncing with Google Drive on iOS is not possible.

See why here:

There are only three known working syncing solutions on iOS:

  • Obsidian Sync
  • iCloud
  • Git

Instructions for the first two are also on the page linked.
A tutorial for syncing using git is linked on this meta post:

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Isn’t it true that if you place your vault on a drive that can reach with both devices (iPad and Android phone) your problem is solved? You then choose on both “open (the same) folder as vault”…

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not with google drive.
iOS is the limiting factor here, most sync solutions do not implement the required APIs(see my first link)

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The problem is that when I choose “Open folder as vault”, the file picker doesn’t show “Google Drive” file as an option. Both on Android and Ipad

Thank you so much for your reply

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