Sync not working and invoice not shown


I registered for Obsidian sync some days ago (01.12.2023) and the money was deducted directly of my PayPal account, but waiting for some days now doesn’t show anything, that I actually have the sync status. My account also doesn’t show any invoices. Also creating a remote vault doesn’t seem to do anything.

Is there currently an issue with sync going on?
Or did actually something happen in a wrong way and the deduction did not relate correctly to the registration?

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(For my obsidian account I use the same email.)

Sync works. You should see you subscription details at Account - Obsidian

Like this:

Yeah, then really something went wrong. It shows me still that I have to pay to use this feature. Do I have to contact the support in another way or does the support read this topics here as well?

are you sure you don’t have another account and you made the purchase when logged into that account?

Oh jez … how stupid of me. I accidently used the account of my bf. :joy:
That happens while sharing laptop. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Thank you, that hint solved the problem.
Solved an can be closed. :smile:

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