Sync non-supported files

At the moment sync can be set to additionally handle images, audio, video, or pdfs.

Can there be an option to handle other files? For example docx, xlsx, pptx, etc?

Maybe user selected with a comma separated list. eg. .ext1, .ext2, …


Totally agree. Without this, sync loses much of its meaning

I’ve just discovered file types such as pptx are not syncing. Leaves me in the awkward situation of

  1. Having to check I haven’t lost anything in the move from OneDrive syncing to Obsidian syncing
  2. Find a solution for these other file types that works cross-platform and cross-device (ideas anyone)

At a minimum I believe sync should be very, very explicit up front that not all file types are synced if that’s the only, or interim solution.


Use case or problem

I spotted that Sync will only work on a small set of file types but my vault includes many other types of attachments, including both text based files like .sql and those from Microsoft Office. If it’s not already on the roadmap, can Sync please be updated to work with any file type?


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I would like to add a vote for this. If doing project work, its nice to have all files in one place, even if Obsidian can’t use them. Otherwise it requires setting up a secondary method for sync, which seems to defeat the purposed of using the built in sync service.

Thank you for considering this.


I’d like that as well.
This is especially useful when using plugins that handle non-native file types and also for opening files obsidian doesn’t support natively in another app on mobile. (I’m not sure whether that’s possible already, because I only use Obsidian sync.)

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Perhaps sync could support additional files but without the versioning support?

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The more I use Obsidian Sync, this becomes a pressing issue. I like the idea of no or limited versioning for docs not supported. just most projects have support files and its weird to have them in a separate place.

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Since Obsidian operates on the local basis having it sync & then use tool of my choice to open & navigate would be ideal

I can’t seem to vote but you have it
Vote +1

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+1 from me too.

Not able to Sync my .exaclidraw files :frowning: yet.

Back to using FolderSync and Nextcloud nor now.


.org and .txt please!

+1 On this. Any file type. I even store .eml files in my vault but it’s very important to be able to sync excel, word & powerpoint docs

I understand the case for Obsidian Sync’s (potential) clashes with third party syncing systems like dropbox; that is why I chose to use Obsidian Sync as the main Sync solution. I can manage to live without some of the dropbox features (ie: sharing a folder with someone easily)

However Obsidian Sync not syncing “other” type of documents (ie: Word documents) is not acceptable to me: I add a word file on the mobile device and cannot see it on PC :man_shrugging: This is against Sync’s core meaning…

I believe this needs attention. I hope you agree @Licat & @Silver

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Support for syncing for .obsidian settings and all file types is coming soon.


will be implemented in 0.12.8

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