Sync logs show a useless error and cannot be cleared

Steps to reproduce

Do not know exactly. I have sync enabled, with unsupported file types syncing too. When opening an excel file in Ubuntu a .tmp file is created to show it is locked. Obsidian synced this too. Then at some point I closed the file and the temp file disappeared, as expected.

Expected result

The temp file is no longer synced and there are no issues

Actual result

The sync logs complain

ENOENT: no such file or directory, open ‘[file file path]/nsdjfnusdifs.tmp’ [obsidian file path]/nsdjfnusdifs.tmp

I do not care about this tmp file, I wish to simply have it be deleted and forgotten. Yet the sync logs show Red for error, and cannot be clearer or ignored manually. I just want it to go back to green, so that I can see the actual state in the future.

Furthermore, the “Copy Logs” button should only copy the errors, if I have the “only show errors” tickbox enabled :pray: as I cannot copy a single line directly in the sync log (that would also be beneficial)


  • Operating system: Kubuntu 21.04
  • Obsidian version: v0.12.15

Just making a blank file of the name it was expecting, then deleting that file, seems to have fixed it. Though it should not be necessary.

Just to help debugging, are you able to reproduce the issue reliably? If so, could you please do that, then go to your vault’s file explorer and see if you can find that .tmp file? (Make sure you set your Files & Links setting to “Detect all file extensions” so it can show up.

If it shows up, then the root cause is not with Sync but rather with our file system adapter. If it does not, then it might be Sync and I will investigate more in Sync’s code.

I can reproduce it easily.

  1. I open an xlsx file (in LibreOffice on Ubuntu) that is in my open Obsidian vault
  2. Make a few changes and save in-between each change
    • this generates multiple tmp files
    • every change also apparently changes the names of the previous temp files :thinking:
  3. Close the xlsx file, and manually delete the tmp files in the file explorer (not in Obsidian)
  4. Give sync time to register this
  5. Hit undo in the file explorer to bring the tmp files back

Now Obsidian Sync is confused and says it cannot find xxxx01, xxxx02, xxxx03, xxxx04. However the temp files I have in my file explorer are named xxxxx56, xxxxx57, xxxxx58, xxxxx59 (example names, but generally accurate).

Before hitting undo it was not confused to not find these files, even though undoing did not bring them back. Perhaps the issue has something to do with the renaming of the files, that Obsidian can keep up with it while it happens, but after the files get deleted and then restored it has forgotten about the rename (but still has a connection to these specific file names).

Anyways that’s all I got. Hope it helps! :pray: thanks for the great app

Do you see the tmp file in Obsidian’s file explorer?

Oh sorry, no I did not. Either time I have had the issue occur. None of the missing files were in the explorer.

Do you have “Detect all file extensions” turned on to see them? I’m just looking to see the behavior of the rest of Obsidian to know where to look.

Yes, always.

Ok got it, thanks.

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