Sync just disconnected, why?

hi, my mobile Phone was not connected to the Sync-Vault anymore :face_with_monocle: there was no change of the location of the vault on my mobile device, nor did i disconnect the sync on mobile. How is it that Sync was disconnected?

if you clear the app’s data/cache, this happens. Some space optimizers/junk removal apps do it.

Okay. I dont know if android is running this optimizing itself. But I turned the option off in Android, and it had no updates or whatever for android so that the option could have been resettet.

Btw: I have an SD on mobile. The Systemstorage is at 29,03GB / 32,00GB, and the Card is at 16,49GB / 64,00GB.
Edit: Just checked where the synced folder is, it is on the Card.

the sync folder may be on mobile but the Obsidian’s private settings and app may be in the main memory.

Ok, i saw in the mobildevice-settings that Obsidian is on the internal storage. But also, i have an Obsidian Folder on the card with .json files for the hotkeys e.g.
But, both storage places have optimizsation disabled, even before the diss-sync happened.
I just tested to reenter my vault on mobile to see if the sync cuts off then. i reentered, and the sync is still connected to the sync vault.
I wonder, could an App-Installations cause a sync-disconnect?