Sync issues

I have just started using Obsidian and have it installed on linux machine at home and windows machine at work. This morning a bunch of my files are no longer in my work obsidian folder they were deleted. is this a known issue with cross platform syncing?

Hi @xf1ber, we need a little more info to try to figure out what is going on. Can you please check your sync logs and see if the files were deleted there? Were both machines on at the same time? Which machine synced the files and which one deleted them (based on the timestamps)? Do you have any other sync service running simultaneously? Do any of your files have forbidden characters in the file names (those would be different for Linux and windows)?

I’ve had a similar issue the last few days working from my desktop where I’m working in a new note and a sync message pops up multiples times after which my entered text is deleted or partially deleted. Just this morning, I wrote a lengthly note which then disappeared. It’s still in my Mac file system but with zero data… :frowning: No other device was online with Obsidian open at the time.

I’m using Obsidian sync with vault and files hosted on iCloud

Never a good idea to use two syncing systems on the same files at the same time. They will clash.


+1 what Dor said. Do not mix Obsidian Sync and iCloud.

In the meantime, have you tried the File Recovery plugin to see if there is a snapshot of your file?

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Thanks. I’ve moved the Obsidian folder out of my iCloud drive on both computers :crossed_fingers: