Sync is showing a "File system operation timed out" error

Sync service is giving me a File system operation timed out error on sync of the note I was currently working. After getting this error, several functions of Obsidian stop working such as creating new notes. The app also starts misbehaving, renaming files randomly for example.

This behavior began after a kernel panic I reported yesterday.

Reloading Obsidian or closing and opening the app results in the sync plugin becoming disabled and all work on the note getting lost as shown in the gif.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Instance of Kernel Panic
  2. Sync services stopped working


MacBook Pro 16in, 2019
Intel 6-Core i7, 2.6 GHz
Big Sur 11.5.2

Obsidian v0.12.12
Minimal theme
17 Community plugins
7 CSS snippets

Additional information

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I can’t see much from the gif. All the plugins and themes do not help getting a clear cause of what is happening.

I believe you have this problem and you should have seen a popup warning you that Obsdian can’t save.

I’m just experiencing this again, now sync is hung on connecting to server. I am going to turn off all plugins and themes and troubleshoot.

I did not see a warning of not being able to save, just the warning with the same error as shown in the sync log. Although the console did show the messages others reported on the thread you linked.
app.js:1 Sync Error!
app.js:1 Timed out.

Now you are describing a different issue. If sync can’t connect to server perhaps it’s just network problem.

where is your vault stored exactly?

After half an hour hanging, it finally connected to the server and gave me the same File system operation timed out error.

Vault is stored in root user folder, no iCloud, or the like.

Do you have problems with your hard drive?

I suggest you disable all third party plugs for a while.

Just ran Apple’s and external diagnostics, HD looks fine. Running on a small set of plugins, no themes to see how that goes. I’ll report back.

Unfortunately, I had the same problem… I wanted to try the Obsidian on my iPad and Mac…