Sync for spellcheck User Dictionary

I work on different Windows machines and keep my vaults up to date with the Sync service. However, the user dictionaries currently cannot be synchronized with the sync service. It would be nice to have an option for this. Thank you.


I have all settings sync toggles enabled, but my custom words are not synced to the same vault on other devices. Suggest supporting this.


I know this is a zombie thread but I was just about to make a new feature request about this exact same thing, so here is my +1 for this.

I upvote this.

Use case or problem

I had had to switch computers and move my vault around, and the spellcheck is stored in Obsidian’s OS config folder, so I have to move that separeatly, and idk if that even works because I haven’t tried it.

Proposed solution

Add a setting to store Custom Dictionary.txt in the root of the Obsidian config folder and have Obsidian read that for spellchecking.

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