Sync does not sync plugin settings between iPhone and Windows PC

Things I have tried

  1. Change Daily note’s New file location setting on Windows and check if it changes on iPhone too.

  2. Change the same setting on iPhone and see if it changes on Windows too.

The setting is not changed on the other device. Syncing non plugin settings work: for example appearance settings do sync, I was able to switch from dark to light mode and choose another theme, and it synced on the other device correctly. Syncing notes works too.

I tried to search for this in the forum and in the documentation, but did not find anything relevant.

Sync log from the Windows PC:

2021-09-15 08:01 - Uploading file .obsidian/daily-notes.json
2021-09-15 08:01 - Upload complete .obsidian/daily-notes.json
2021-09-15 08:01 - Server pushed [Jare-PC] .obsidian/daily-notes.json
2021-09-15 08:01 - Fully synced
2021-09-15 08:04 - Server pushed [iPhone (Jarkko)] .obsidian/daily-notes.json
2021-09-15 08:04 - Downloading file .obsidian/daily-notes.json
2021-09-15 08:04 - Downloading complete .obsidian/daily-notes.json
2021-09-15 08:04 - Accepted .obsidian/daily-notes.json
2021-09-15 08:05 - Fully synced

So it seems that the changed setting file is downloaded on the device that should receive it, but the receiver does not take the settings into use for some reason, which does not appear in the log.

Thank you for your support!

On Android, I find that I need to restart the app after the plugin settings have been downloaded. And, by restart, I mean that I need to see the Obsidian loading screen again.

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Thanks for the tip. It helped a bit, but for some reason the mobile app only loads a partial change in a setting.

  1. Let’s say in Daily notes plugin settings both devices have New file location set to Content.
  2. On Windows I change the value from Content to Content123.
  3. On iPhone I restart the Obsidian app and go to the Daily notes plugin settings. It shows New file location to be Content1. So it only synced the first change when I typed the 123 part. The first change was the first character I typed.

But good that it went at least a little bit in the correct direction! :slight_smile:

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