Sync Desktop App with andriod

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Sync Desktop app with Android App

I’m very very new to obsidian, so please take into account I’m ignorant.

I have the android app and the windows desktop app, and bought a year of sync. I just added a load of notes to the desktop app and they arent syncing with the app. What do i need to do to make this happen automatically?

Things I have tried

Most of the setup for Obsidian Sync is covered here:

You can, of course, mail support if that doesn’t cover it.

Many thanks!

I see that it is in fact syncing, but in the android app the number icon (next to the + button) shows only the notes that I added in the phone itself, not including the ones from the desktop app. In order to see all my new notes, I need to push the + button

What’s the meaning of this? It seems counter intuitive