Sync Creating Duplicate Notes Outside of Subfolders, Plus Illegal Character Error Message

Synced a local iPhone vault to a new remote vault. Then added new sub-folders on local iPhone vault. Then synced existing PC vault to same remote vault. No effect, so I looked at my Sync tab on the local iPhone vault and it was paused. I resumed sync, watched the syncing begin on the PC, but saw several error messages pop up, saying, “Illegal Character.”

Some, but not all files in my sub-folders are duplicated, where one file is in the sub-folder and the other is outside of any folder. This is true on both devices, whereas when I resumed syncing on the iPhone, there were no duplicates in the local iPhone vault and each file was in its proper sub-folder.

None of my file or folder names appear to contain any characters which are listed as illegal. For example, one is titled “Complete Goal Container” and the quotation marks here are to show the string - they are not part of the file name.

What I’m trying to do

Sync between iPhone and PC without creating duplicates.
Understand why the error codes were produced.

Things I have tried

Search Terms: “duplicate” “sync”

Found two threads about duplicates, but both were unsolved and automatically closed. I imagine I can resolve this instance by going through and deleting the duplicate files, but that is not something I’m going to do often, if this problem were to continue.

I tried going into the developer tools to view the error codes, as per another thread, but I’m not familiar with how that works and I was unable to find them without detailed instruction.

So I found out how to see the error messages on PC and iPhone. I went to the sync tab and clicked the View next to Sync Activity. Turns out I was wrong and there were question marks in some of my file names.

I still don’t know why duplicate files were created though, so if anybody could give me some advice on that I would appreciate it!


Could the ‘?’ in four of my file names have affected the initial sync of the associated sub-folders so that the duplicate files were produced?

The sub-folders still managed to sync with the rest of the files inside, but those files also appeared as duplicates outside of any folder.

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