Sync Checks All the Vault Notes upon Every App Start

Hi all, wonder if anyone else is experiencing the same issues with Obsidian Sync across multiple devices?

It seems that every time I start (not open) the Obsidian iOS app, it checks all my notes instead of just syncing the latest changes ones.

How it looks: takes 10min+ to complete the sync with majority of notes checked and skipped (no need to sync). The reason I find this annoying is because I rely a lot on daily notes and waiting 10min or longer to access the daily note I just updated on desktop makes no sense.

I’m using TestFlight betas on all iOS devices but believe sync behaved differently until maybe a few months ago?

Expectation: even upon cold start (app was killed and then started), sync only takes seconds to confirm there’s 2-3 notes changed.

I will try using latest non beta version and will update the thread tomorrow, just wanted to check if perhaps I’m doing something wrong?


The current test flight build, 1.4.6 (105), is the same as the public release, so no need to install the public version unless you want to re-install just for the heck of it. (I would try that if nothing changes following the troubleshooting steps below)

I hope you meant10 seconds here and not 10 minutes… :flushed:

Try turning on Restricted mode, switching to the default theme, and force quitting to see if anything improves. Other troubleshooting steps are here →

Thanks for this, will try defaults on both desktop and mobile.

Because it seemingly goes through all of the 10K notes I have (showing in the sync log how it’s skipping every one), it really takes ages to complete.

Will also double check if there is anything on desktop that refreshes modify time on each note markdown file - can’t explain otherwise why the official sync would have to check all the files instead of just syncing the last 2-3 that have actually been changed since the previous sync.

Couldn’t find anything on the desktop - files that are showing as “Skipped” in the sync long haven’t been updated in months.

Just deleted the test flight version and restarted full sync in the freshly installed app store version of Obsidian iOS.

ok, this helped! after reinstall and full sync the iOS on iPhone works just as expected - takes about 10sec to start/load cache and then completes the check for changes and sync within a minute.

All of this happens with all the usual plugins synced and restricted mode off.

Will double-check if the issue is still there on my iPad with testflight copy, then probably reinstall there as well.

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