Sync between two Ubuntu PCs and Android phone

Hello everyone!

I’m using Obsidian for quite some time and im absolutely loving it! However, i have serious issues with syncing. I actively use 3 devices, two PCs with Ubuntu on them and one Android phone. I tried multiple times to find a way to sync my vault between those devices but i failed.

  • I tried setting up Syncthing but it simply didn’t work. There’s always issue with some files that end up being out of sync and everything stops working.
  • Using git looks very complicated to me, not the technology itself, but the idea of having to pull/push changes constantly and conflict is always a thing that can happen
  • I’m also not that fond of idea to use Google Drive because i don’t want to connect my google account to my work laptop
  • Obsidian sync, to me, is too expensive

Did anyone successfully set up sync any other way for ubuntu and android?

I use Resilio Sync after having only had lots of issues with SyncThing. Mine was corrupting the external SD-card on my Android phone a lot.

Resilio is torrent based and fast. So far it works without flaws for about a year.

As a sidenote: I would happily switch to Obsidian sync if they found a way to do this peer based without a website as middleman

I use the Self-hosted LiveSync plugin.
I sync on Linux, Android, Windows, and iPad.

Instead of file-based sync, it syncs only the modified differences, so if you have two desktops next to each other, updates are reflected instantly.
It also handles conflicts and intelligently merges when multiple changes are made simultaneously.

Hope you find a good solution.

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