Symlink'd obsidian.css file doesn't keep working indefinitely

I’m trying to have my obsidian.css file located in my own repository elsewhere on my machine, and then have it symlink’d to the correct place in my vault. Initially, the symlink works fine, however it doesn’t seem to persist past a refresh of the UI, and it doesn’t seem to update if I update the symlink’d file when it has been “properly” loaded the first time.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Start with no obsidian.css file anywhere on your machine
  2. Create obsidian.css somewhere outside of your obsidian vault
  3. Symlink the file to the root directory of your obsidian vault (i.e. run ln -sF /path/to/obsidian.css /path/to/vault/obsidian.css)
  4. Refresh the UI or try changing the CSS file “source” (the obsidian.css file that is somewhere else on your machine)

Expected result

The CSS for the UI should update if the source obsidian.css file is changed, and it should persist past a restart of the UI.

Actual result

It does neither (it doesn’t update, and it doesn’t persist)


  • Operating system: macOS 10.15.6
  • Obsidian version: latest as of 1 hour ago (doesn’t seem to be version information where I’d normally expect in the Mac UI)

Sorry, we don’t support symlinks

Ah, that’s a shame. Thanks anyways!