Symlink into virtual decrypted drives (E.g. Cryptomator, BoxCryptor)

What I’m trying to do


I’m currently trying access some global markdowns from my main obsidian Vault residing on Google Drive, decrypted by BoxCryptor. I have a work vault trying to make some links with these global markdowns. I have chosen to use symlinks because I don’t want the markdowns from my work to be inside my main vault. I will add the work obsidian vault is on the mounted Veracrypt volume, according to my test, it doesn’t matter.

Things I have tried

Spec : W10, Veracrypt Volume = NTFS, Boxcryptor volume = NTFS, Obsidian v0.15.9

So, when I draw a symlink or a junction link from my work vault to one folder of my main vault (To mounted Veracrypt volume to the decrypted Boxcryptor volume), the symlink folder correctly opens to the Boxcryptor folder inside explorer.exe. Unfortunately, the folder doesn’t show up inside the Obsidian pane.

I have read the documentation from Obsidian. I tried to create a symlink from Veracrypt to the itself, to a local folder inside "C:" drive, to the mounted virtual drive mapped to Google Drive. All of them work and appear inside the Obsidian pane. However, any symlink to a volume mapped to Boxcryptor or Cryptomator doesn’t show up.

Even more, when I create a symlink to the .obsidian of my main vault, it’s correctly load by the work vault ! With all the plugins and the config. (I know it’s not recommended). It seems it’s a logic inside Obsidian that prevents to index these symlinks. Because of the last event, I know Obsidian “can” access the files stored in the other side of the symlink in Boxcryptor’s volume.

Any idea about the problem ?

Thanks for reading.

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