Symlink for notes

I wanted to know whether there was a way to make symlinks using Obsidian (similar to Linux Symbolic Links).

The reason I ask is because I was composing some notes and “Depreciation” has to show up under “Assets”, “Expenses” and “Non Cash Expenses.” Folders

Is it possible for me to link without using “![[Depreciation]]” or “[[Depreciation]]”? I wanted “link” to show up as a note in the folder.

If nothing else succeeds, I will be forced to make a duplicate entry for each of these notes.

Not in the core app. There might be a community plugin, tho I haven’t heard of one.

As a workaround you could put a “Depreciation” note in each folder, only 1 of them containing the text and the others containing only a link to that one.

But I suggest that you consider changing your system. The rigid hierarchy of folders isn’t a great fit for topics for exactly the reason you’ve encountered. Links and tags don’t have that problem.

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Thank you! It is elegant solution :slight_smile: . I appreciate your help.

Despite the shortcomings, I believe I will continue to use the present method (minor inconveniences ones compared to benefits I derive).

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