Symlink: consistent behaviour depending on file type

Steps to reproduce

I integrate pdfs, images an other ressources into my vault by using symlinks: The original file remains outside the vault, the symlink is placed within and can be accessed in obsidian.

Expected result

Click on Symlink should open the file as if the original was present; either natively in obsidian or using the default app, depending on the original file type.

Actual result

Left click on symlink of:

  • pdf: opens file natively as expected
  • jpg: shows the image as broken; but a right click on symlink and “open in default app” works
  • mp4: shows only a small and inactive player window; but a right click on symlink and “open in default app” works


  • Operating system: Windows10
  • Obsidian version: 0.11.13

Additional information

Symlinks are created per file with "link shell extension"

Hi. we don’t officially support file symlinks.
Please, open a feature request.

Thank you! Maybe I misunderstood you. Here you wrote that symlinks are now supported:

Folder symlinks are supported

Good hint, I will try this