Symbols or icons as stand-alone elements in Canvas, or attached to cards/notes

Use case or problem

Using canvas to create a network diagram, there is no feature to add icons/symbol packs that could be dropped into the canvas via “Add Symbol” or attached to a card/note.

Proposed solution

  1. Allow addition of icon or symbol packs that are treated differently from media.
  2. Right-click option to “Add Symbol” which then pops up with searchable list of icon/symbols loaded. Once added, symbol would appear on canvas on its own (with nodes to link to other cards/notes). It would remain visible on zoom out (shrinking).
  3. Allow for right click on a symbol in the canvas to “Convert to Card…” or “Convert to File…”
  4. For a card with a symbol, the symbol hangs in top left corner when zoomed in, allowing for a label or other information to be attached to the symbol. When zoomed out, symbol takes over card space as text disappears.
  5. For a note with a symbol, the symbol is dropped in before the note title. Same function as card on zoom out.

Current workaround

Adding the .png for icons/symbols into my media folder and then inserting as media elements into canvas. Clunky execution and I can’t add any other textual information to the icon/symbol once added (like change it to a note later, or include the IP address or system name).

Related feature requests (optional)

‘Add Icons’ option for canvas elements