Symbolic links under Windows do not work

Steps to reproduce

I try to access my obsidian daily notes from the iPad (as long as no App exists). Thats what I did:

  • I created a folder “daily” on my iPad.
  • I installed iCloud for Windows
  • I created a symbolic link to ICloud Drive in the Obsidian folder
    mklink /D .\daily\

Expected result

the folder should show up in obsidian and I should be able to accress the notes

Actual result

the folder daily does not show up, the “generate daily note” does not work (error “folder dialy does not exist”), if I try to create the folder from within obsidian, I get the error “folder exists”


  • Operating system:

Windows 10 Enterprise x64

  • Obsidian version:


Additional information

View in Explorer
Screenshot 2020-11-21 154534
View in obsidian
Screenshot 2020-11-21 155502

yes, we don’t support symlinks. There is an open feature request for this.

Try keeping the real folder in obsidian and use the symlink outside obsidian.

Seems to work this way, thanks for the tip :wink: